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When her joy over the birth of her daughter is overshadowed by complications of depression and autoimmune diseases and she fears she can’t balance the demands of motherhood against those of her own parents and husband, Maya decides to investigate alternative methods. In Pursuit of Change is the result—offering encouragement, knowledge and joy to women who might otherwise not know where to find it as they struggle to adjust to their new role.

Becoming the mother of her wonderful daughter Luna has left Maya thrilled and proud, but since returning home from the hospital with the baby, Maya struggles with lack of energy, pain in her joints and insomnia. She had suffered from the illness before and energy therapy made her feel better, as did the support of her husband Luca, her knight in shining armor.

But this time the stress is compounded by her complicated relationship with her mother, Ruza, who competes with Maya for Luna’s attention. While Maya fears that her autoimmune illness would make her an invalid unable to take care of her baby, she is also afraid that her relationship with Luna might end up being no better that hers with her mother. When the pressure of having to deal with her mother, distant father, and occasionally nervous husband gets to be too much, she decides to go to the New Energy Relaxation Center and take part in the expensive healing sessions once again.

★★★★★   By Amazon Kunde on August4, 2017

A true experience of an author suffering from autoimmune diseases written in a simple and interesting way.

I have recently given birth and in some parts of the book where she talks about difficulties after childbirth I have recognized myself. What I particularly liked is the fact that new mothers often do not talk about difficulties after childbirth and in this case experience is shared.

★★★★★   By Norah Una Sumner

Having read Maya’s amazing and very intimate book Luna Tree: The Baby Project I was beyond excited to read Maya’s next book In Pursuit of Change which takes place after the events of Luna Tree. Maya’s writing style is definitely getting better and better with each book, her stories are always very raw, intimate and easy to relate to so I immensely enjoyed reading In Pursuit of Change. This book offers a very strong encouragement to women all around the world who are struggling with their own problems which may or may not be similar to Maya’s very own ones.

In Pursuit of Change also managed to inspire me and to offer me a unique knowledge that I am definitely going to use in the future. I kindly recommend this book to all of my bookish friends who are in a need of a bit of a motivation and inspiration!