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Maya and Una are typical twenty-somethings living in Zagreb, Croatia: they have a ton of friends, spend their days at thankless jobs, their nights dancing and drinking with friends, and going home to their cramped apartments. They meet plenty of men, but none who can really capture these flirty girls’ attention. When they’re invited on a trip to Brussels by the same man, they jump at the offer. Soon they find themselves in the middle of a bachelor party, wondering why they were even invited. Luckily there’s a wedding, and some familiar guests, who just might make the trip worthwhile.

Chick-Lit Fun – Living Life Without A Plan!!

Maya and Una are really great friends, living in Zagreb, Croatia. Enjoying life, working jobs they hate, partying and oh the cute guys! Barely out of their teens, ready to see what life offers and conquer the world, all without a plan or even a net, except to have loads of fun. Then when the two girls are invited to go to Brussels by Levi and Marko, a couple of the guys they really don’t know very well, the question arises, should they throw caution to the wind and accept or miss what could be a great trip and give in to their hesitations and decline? Oh a life with no plans!

What an exciting find! I was captivated and intrigued by the cover with the two best friends and I fell in love with the story from page one. This is the second book I’ve read by Maya as I have found I love her writing style so carefree and well written, drawing her readers in. I found this to be no exception with it’s light, easy read to be the perfect chick-lit escape. This is one story that will have women of all ages reliving the escapades of their own youth, or the carefree days they are enjoying now. No matter the stage of life, Maya Berger is one new author not to be missed.

★★★★★   by Cheri Clay

Loved this read!

Girls with No Plan is the book escape I’ve been craving! This read is light, enjoyable, engaging, so so good. The story focuses on two friends, Maya and Una, and the life adventures they encounter when living in Croatia. Even though I’ve never been to Croatia, this story of two women and their friendship, their love lives and families, is a story that any woman can relate to. I smiled, I laughed, I happy danced for the characters, and I thought of my own best friend through just about the entire thing. Women have a special bond as friends and this book captures it perfectly. The book is well-written, detailed, and flows perfectly through every page until the very end. I devoured the entire thing in one sitting!

★★★★★   by Taylor