2304, 2019

Help! Perimenopause is chasing me!

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Perimenopause is a word I recently got to know better. The thing is I have fibromyalgia and some symptoms are the same as when a woman enters the perimenopause so you don’t really know where the fibromyalgia ends and where the perimenopause begins. What I experienced recently I described in a few scenes.   Scene number one - Hot flashes: I’m taking my child to her dancing activity. It’s winter, zero Celsius degrees. Still, when I enter my car I’m already dripping with sweat. During my 10 minute drive, I start to undress and until the entrance of the dancing center I’ve [...]

2202, 2019

How to (not) enjoy skiing

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I’ve been skiing since I was five. It doesn’t mean that today I’m a good skier. It just means I’m a persistent one. Although for the last ten years, since my mid-thirties I’ve been retired. I broke my front ligament, while skiing of course, and had two operations and years of physical therapy. And it wasn’t the first time I had broken something skiing…so I’m a veteran, at least in breaking bones and ligaments on skiing trips. Still this year I made a comeback. We Croatians love to ski so I thought, why not give skiing another go. I have [...]

401, 2019

Sex and the city – my way

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So, you know about my bedtime rituals but what you don’t know anything about is my love life. And by love life I mean my sex life. Your faces are changing now, your brows flying up, your mouth slightly opening and, if you know me, you’re not even sure that you want to continue reading this post. Don’t worry it’s nothing kinky or too revealing. I want to share a story I hear happens in other households as well. Or maybe it doesn’t but everyone is too polite to tell me.  Last summer vacation we spent in Korčula, a beautiful [...]

412, 2018

Bedtime rituals in my 40s compared to my 20s

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Hi guys, As my first two books are about…well, about me and the life style I’ve changed since I got sick with an unknown autoimmune disease. I will continue to write about it in my blog. Do not expect steps that you should take to get healthy and wealthy in no time, because I don’t really believe in them. I believe we have to work on ourselves, from birth to our departing time, if we want to see any kind of shift in our lives. Now sharing these wise words with you, you‘re surely expecting some wise advice. However, all [...]