Maya Berger grew up in a middle-class family with a younger sister, her dentist mother and physician father. For the first eighteen years of her life, she lived in a socialist system. She spent the last year of high school in Hawaii and learned how people lived and worked in capitalist countries. After high school she returned to Croatia, where the war  was just ending and the country was becoming an independent republic and a capitalist country. At that time Croatia began to change slowly, and Maya is still waiting for her country to become a smaller version of the country she once had the privilege to live in – the USA.

She earned her degree in economics and specialized in marketing. She worked as a product manager in three companies before her health problems appeared, which made her change her profession and become a Pilates instructor and Pilates studio owner. She had to overcome many obstacles to get pregnant, become a mother, and then be the mother she always wanted to be. She felt the need to share her path with other women who found themselves in a similar position.

Maya now lives in Zagreb, Croatia with her husband and their daughter. In addition to teaching Pilates, she promotes Croatia as a tourist destination and she loves to write.  In her spare time she plays with her baby girl, Luna, and talks to her husband. She loves to travel, swim, ski and play tennis, and, of course, use every chance she gets to read as many books as she can get her hands on.

Due to her child’s deep gaze and what Maya sees as “silent talks” with the living-room Buddha statue, Maya feels that Luna is a special baby, full of positive energy. But motherhood is challenging and Maya does her best to lead a balanced life – go to work, write, socialize, heal, spend time at the Adriatic seaside where she feels free and unburdened, and be with her family. To ease her pain and restore energy, Maya combines Western medicine with alternative methods. Her pain is relieved and her relationships with others have improved, but she will continue searching for an even better balance and an even better path to self-betterment