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Maya and Una are two best friends from Croatia, living life a bit more recklessly than they should. This time, they embark on a new adventure along with some friends. Soon their friendship, which seemed tight in Zagreb, becomes challenged on their trip to Barcelona.

The two girls and their friends experience some misfortunes that shape their voyage in a completely different way from what they were expecting. Luckily, they meet new and interesting people who help them to forget their problems and focus on love, fun, and the beauty of the landscape and places they visit.


★★★★★  Travel, Romance, Friendship and Life – All in One Book! by nonstopreader

On one level, this book is a light-hearted story about summer travel and romance, featuring two main characters, Una and Maya, as they plan a trip together, leaving from their native Zagreb, Croatia, and traveling, as the title suggests, to Milan, Nice and Barcelona. But soon, their travel group expands to include guys and girls and becomes more than they originally bargained for. The plan includes traveling in two outdated vans. Soon, though, arguments begin, especially between a couple (Daria and Jakov), which turns the summer trip upside down and takes the original group and the new friends they make along the way on a journey no one expected. The story is a really fun read about young romance, but it’s also deeper, exploring love, friendship and life itself. The author captures the reader’s attention from an opening quote about travel by Robert Louis Stevenson, until the very last page. She has a way of describing places, from the sights to the food, to the excitement of new and thrilling places most people dream of. It’s a book aimed at women who want to get lost for awhile in this charming and romantic adventure, but it’s also a chance to become interested in travel and a chance to appreciate the relationships we have and the ones we want to have.





When her joy over the birth of her daughter is overshadowed by complications of depression and autoimmune diseases and she fears she can’t balance the demands of motherhood against those of her own parents and husband, Maya decides to investigate alternative methods. In Pursuit of Change is the result—offering encouragement, knowledge and joy to women who might otherwise not know where to find it as they struggle to adjust to their new role.

Becoming the mother of her wonderful daughter Luna has left Maya thrilled and proud, but since returning home from the hospital with the baby, Maya struggles with lack of energy, pain in her joints and insomnia. She had suffered from the illness before and energy therapy made her feel better, as did the support of her husband Luca, her knight in shining armor.

But this time the stress is compounded by her complicated relationship with her mother, Ruza, who competes with Maya for Luna’s attention. While Maya fears that her autoimmune illness would make her an invalid unable to take care of her baby, she is also afraid that her relationship with Luna might end up being no better that hers with her mother. When the pressure of having to deal with her mother, distant father, and occasionally nervous husband gets to be too much, she decides to go to the New Energy Relaxation Center and take part in the expensive healing sessions once again.


★★★★★   By Amazon Kunde on August4, 2017

A true experience of an author suffering from autoimmune diseases written in a simple and interesting way.

I have recently given birth and in some parts of the book where she talks about difficulties after childbirth I have recognized myself. What I particularly liked is the fact that new mothers often do not talk about difficulties after childbirth and in this case experience is shared.


★★★★★   By Norah Una Sumner

Having read Maya’s amazing and very intimate book Luna Tree: The Baby Project I was beyond excited to read Maya’s next book In Pursuit of Change which takes place after the events of Luna Tree. Maya’s writing style is definitely getting better and better with each book, her stories are always very raw, intimate and easy to relate to so I immensely enjoyed reading In Pursuit of Change. This book offers a very strong encouragement to women all around the world who are struggling with their own problems which may or may not be similar to Maya’s very own ones.

In Pursuit of Change also managed to inspire me and to offer me a unique knowledge that I am definitely going to use in the future. I kindly recommend this book to all of my bookish friends who are in a need of a bit of a motivation and inspiration!





Maya and Una are typical twenty-somethings living in Zagreb, Croatia: they have a ton of friends, spend their days at thankless jobs, their nights dancing and drinking with friends, and going home to their cramped apartments. They meet plenty of men, but none who can really capture these flirty girls’ attention. When they’re invited on a trip to Brussels by the same man, they jump at the offer. Soon they find themselves in the middle of a bachelor party, wondering why they were even invited. Luckily there’s a wedding, and some familiar guests, who just might make the trip worthwhile.


Chick-Lit Fun – Living Life Without A Plan!!

Maya and Una are really great friends, living in Zagreb, Croatia. Enjoying life, working jobs they hate, partying and oh the cute guys! Barely out of their teens, ready to see what life offers and conquer the world, all without a plan or even a net, except to have loads of fun. Then when the two girls are invited to go to Brussels by Levi and Marko, a couple of the guys they really don’t know very well, the question arises, should they throw caution to the wind and accept or miss what could be a great trip and give in to their hesitations and decline? Oh a life with no plans!

What an exciting find! I was captivated and intrigued by the cover with the two best friends and I fell in love with the story from page one. This is the second book I’ve read by Maya as I have found I love her writing style so carefree and well written, drawing her readers in. I found this to be no exception with it’s light, easy read to be the perfect chick-lit escape. This is one story that will have women of all ages reliving the escapades of their own youth, or the carefree days they are enjoying now. No matter the stage of life, Maya Berger is one new author not to be missed.

★★★★★   by Cheri Clay


Loved this read!

Girls with No Plan is the book escape I’ve been craving! This read is light, enjoyable, engaging, so so good. The story focuses on two friends, Maya and Una, and the life adventures they encounter when living in Croatia. Even though I’ve never been to Croatia, this story of two women and their friendship, their love lives and families, is a story that any woman can relate to. I smiled, I laughed, I happy danced for the characters, and I thought of my own best friend through just about the entire thing. Women have a special bond as friends and this book captures it perfectly. The book is well-written, detailed, and flows perfectly through every page until the very end. I devoured the entire thing in one sitting!

★★★★★   by Taylor





Maya is kicking up her heels, living the fabulous and mostly carefree life of a twenty-something young woman. However, in the back of her mind continuous longing for a good marriage and family lingered. How do you find the right man, the one who sticks through thick and thin? Will he provide you with the things you find essential in a relationship?

Maya kissed a few frogs before finding her Prince Charming, but what followed was of higher importance.

She started feeling chronic pain in her lower back, the pain that wouldn’t let her neither sit nor stand. Thus Maya began her relentless quest for diagnosis and healing, which she ends after discovering Energy healing. She travels the globe to receive and raise her own stored Energy, the one that changes everything.

Her ultimate desires come true.


★★★★★  By Niki Turner, SERENITY AND SUPPORT blog

When I was contacted by the author and offered a copy of the book for review purposes, I went and read up what I could find out about the book before accepting. I wanted to see if it was something I would enjoy reading. I was pleasantly surprised that although I initially thought it was about babies, healing and spirituality, I was very pleased to realise that this was only part of the book. I decided to buy the paper copy and it arrived the next day. I am impatient and although the author has now popped one in the mail for me, I was keen to read it straight away. I spend 4 hours over two days reading the book from cover to cover. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I am glad I read it the way I did. The text is a convenient size and the book is not too long so it was a great read.

I love the style that Maya writes in. It was easy to follow and entertaining. I could tell throughout she was a caring, serious person but also carefree, funny and most of all loved her life, even with the difficulties she faced, she had an inner strength and determination and most of all never gave up hope.

Like in most books you can read some things between the lines, I could tell that Luca was her rock, she speaks so openly about some issues that I found really refreshing and touching. Her issues with her family are similar to my own with my family and probably many other peoples issues as well. Her struggle with her illness must have been really hard to bear but also like many people we have other issues that are challenging, it is how we deal with them that is important. I found her previous relationships familiar too in my own personal life and had to smile at some of the decisions I have made too. Many of mine were not great either

I think with age we learn what is important and what isn’t. Her struggle having her baby was a very uplifting story and the length we go to when we really need to have something that is very important to us. In her case it was having a child, in my case it was getting sober in 2004. It is all relative and we all have similar struggles but they are just different things.

I laughed many times in the book and liked her honesty, warmth and truth about people and her own attitude towards things like her driving or towards her collegues and friends, it was both funny and a bit too close to my own behaviour that made me smile. Her very rare use of a bad word was funny because I may be wrong but I think I can only recall twice the use of a “swear word” hehe but both times they were used to emphasise something that was best used with those words.

What I got out of this book is that we are all in control of our own lives, we do rely on others to help us along the way but we also bear the scars of our past especially our early years growing up. We inherit all this baggage and it is unfair to dump it on the next generation. In Maya’s case she works hard to bring her little girl into this world and be the best mother she can be and Luca the best father he can be.

There is a lot of emphasis on energy healing and I found that very interesting as well as some of the places she visits on her quest for healing and holiday places she visited. I have made notes of some of the places and look forward to visiting them one day.

For anyone thinking of reading this book, I would say you will feel uplifted and be full of hope, especially if you are going through a difficult time with any issue, not just the issues mentioned in this book. I really enjoyed reading it and have now given this copy to my daughter to read.